Our Service


Our distinguished service serves as a gateway for ambitious company owners seeking to expand their business into new and lucrative markets. With a highly flexible and tailor-made approach, we pave the way for your successful entry and establishment in foreign territories.

Upon your selection, we initiate a comprehensive assessment by means of a thoughtfully crafted client profile, enabling us to precisely identify your specific needs and requirements. Drawing upon the invaluable insights gathered, our expert research team strategically targets the ideal customer base for your esteemed company, ensuring a seamless and prosperous market penetration.

Our strategic prowess extends to the identification of strategic partners in your desired target countries, complemented by exceptional corporate brochure design services, and access to a comprehensive contact network for a full year. Furthermore, our exceptional corporate presentation effectively reaches key decision-makers spanning an impressive 75 countries, encompassing the thriving markets of Europe, the Middle East, and the dynamic APAC region.

In addition to comprehensive market research and outreach, we go above and beyond by offering hands-on freight forwarding services, guaranteeing the secure and efficient delivery of your products to buyers situated in diverse international locations.

Our seasoned team, comprised of skilled project managers and dedicated researchers, are wholly committed to guiding you towards the accomplishment of your export objectives.

Elevate your business to unprecedented heights with our distinguished services, as we empower you to forge ahead into new territories, capitalize on emerging opportunities, and achieve remarkable success on the global stage. Embrace this transformative journey of expansion and growth, underpinned by the support of a team devoted to your triumph and prosperity.



Client Profile

Our service aims to assist businesses in broadening their reach by venturing into new markets. To cater to the distinct requirements of each client, we offer a flexible project framework that can be customized accordingly. Once you’ve chosen our service, we’ll provide you with a questionnaire to fill out, which will help us understand your particular needs. Our research team will utilize this data to pinpoint and focus on the appropriate customer base for your organization.

Our service encompasses a range of offerings aimed at aiding your business in expanding into new markets. Firstly, we conduct thorough research into specific markets, and assist you in identifying suitable partners and distributors to market your products in the targeted countries. Alongside this, we develop a corporate brochure that showcases your company and its offerings to potential partners. 


Corporate Brochure


Qualified Contacts

Before we provide you with any responses or inquiries received from the market, we conduct internal processing of each one. Your designated research consultant will maintain regular communication with you and will be responsible for translating and forwarding any relevant inquiries throughout the duration of your 12-month contract. In addition, we offer freight forwarding services to ensure the secure and efficient delivery of your products to buyers in various countries. Our hands-on approach is geared towards providing you with the best possible prospects for success in your export goals.

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